Friday, June 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Your probably thinking, its no longer Thursday.... I haven't been to bed yet so I declare its Thurs until I get some sleep.

This Thursday I am Thankful for....

Summer, which has finally made an appearance. While there is much to be said for how it arrived, I will take it 90 degrees humidity and all.

Kindness in strangers. There is still so much good in the world if you care to look for it.

My health.

The ability to see that my attitude is a direct result of my perspective and that my perspective greatly effects my attitude. Some people would change their lives if they could harness this process.

Happy Day All, see you tomorrow.



Rachel said...

Amen to that! My aunt (who used to be rather mean and grouchy) wears this bracelet thingy, and every time she complains she has to switch it to the other wrist. This is to remind her not to complain, but to be thankful. I think that's such a great idea.

Isn't it wonderful how, even though we might not be able to change our circumstances, our reaction to those circumstances depends upon us?

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful today!

Tracy said...

Those are really great things to be thankful for K!
And I'm happy to have summer here too, humidity and all!

Danielle said...

I'm glad summer is finally here even though it's humid and yucky right now too ;)

Once I found a saying that went like this: "If you think good thoughts, you're gonna live good thoughts!" I had that up on my fridge for a long time at a time in my life when I was really down. So I know what you mean about perspective. It can be hard to achieve but it's well worth the effort :)