Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watch what you ask for.....

So, I went back to work on Monday night. They were kind to me and gave me 2 post-partums -- not a bad assignment. Than there was also the labor, which turned into a fiasco, a C/S and a re-iteration of one of the reasons I do not like OB.

Also there is rumor that 3 of the delivering Dr.'s are leaving. Which translates to less delivery's necessitating less nurses which means increased Mandatory Time Off and Call.

So...... off to ER I went today to inquire about positions and going back.

You just left you say. Yes. But staffing ratios have improved, I like ER and after 6 months in baby-land I can say this isn't for me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you God

One of the changes in Darling Husband and my relationship is that were taking a financial course at the church. Suggested by DH - as for the past 21 years I have managed the $$ with minimal help/interference from him. And while I am a darn good manger (if I do say so) a spouse that is "not on board" can beat the hell out of a budget. So we are now jointly managing the outgoing. In the course, one is to return to a cash only system in as many areas as possible.

So I now grocery shop in cash.

Tuesday we were getting ready to leave when I couldn't find my purse. Checked the car, the house, the car, the house, etc. Panicked. Called the grocery and they had one there same description. (how did I leave it --- I have no idea).

Anyways -- there WAS $300.00 dollars in there. That is our grocery money. I have been on medical and they haven't gotten a check right in 6 weeks. I panicked all the way back to the store.

Yes it was my purse. And everything -- checkbook, credit cards and ALL the cash was still in it.

Thank you God!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The last few days

Enjoying my last few days off before I return to the working world. The last time I had a lengthy vacation was when I gave birth and that was only about 4 weeks each.

Working on trying to get the house in shape, the laundry caught up, etc. If I could ship the kids someplace for 4 days it would be an easier task.

Took a class Sat called "Its A Wrap". Will post pictures shortly :)


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Picked up a new book Monday at Borders and I have been obsessed since.

Some nifty ideas including this one:

I love the look of the covered hangers and I find that its the perfect use for all those left over pieces of fabric that are too small for most projects and too large to throw out.

(Yes I know they would be great for quilts, but I have enough quilt projects started and bought that I don't need to add more to them.)

Anyways, I have covered "a few" hangers this week:

but I may have reached the point of obsession. On Thrusday I went to Michaels and bought some wire, made miniture hangers and yes covered those too.

I might need to go back to work..... ya think?