Monday, March 26, 2007

Lillian Mae Browning Steel

My Grandmother. Someone who influenced my life and who I am so much more than I realized in my youth. A spunky lady. Grandma was 40 when she had my father - very late in life in the 1940's. She was always old in my youth. Grandma and Grandpa never drove, their entire life.

Grandma was always knitting or crocheting. I have several afagans still, and memories of slippers, baby doll purses, barbie clothes. The greatest legacy though was not in the things she made me, but in that she taught me. She patiently taught me to crochet and than knit. I didn't do it well but she was lavish in her praise and always asked what projects I was working on.

Grandma moved from 30 minutes away to 5 hours about the same time I moved into my late teens. I continued to keep her informed about my happenings in notes and such. Grandma would take her post and sit down with a cup of tea.

Grandma died at age 90 in 1995. Although shes not here in body she is in spirit. Every time I cast on I think of her and know she would be so happy and so interested in my projects.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thank you all for looking and your comments - I am really liking this blogger thing - love being linked with others sharing my same interests from all over the world, especially there aren't many people in my circle of friends/co-workers who do needlecraft.

I switched to size 2 needles for the leg and they are still a smidge tight - the pooling / stripping I believe is part of what size needles one uses and how tight one knits.

So now I'm working on dishclothes (christmas gifts for the in-laws), pink and purple stripped socks (on needles), a quilt for charity and ....

I did manage to finnish a baby sized quilt out of my UFO's that had been hanging around about 3 years - unfortunatly I didn't take pictures. Oh Well - its DONE

Happy Spring all - Karrie

Monday, March 19, 2007


They're done!!! They're beautiful! I love the way the color washes across - I wish the gray was more on the bottom and the brown and green on top - but not so much that I was going to rip them out!

The only problem is that they're thicker than my normal socks so I'll have to buy shoes to accomadate them..... ah well.

I did change the leg a little making it shorter than the pattern called for as I don't wear my socks high up the leg, more around the ankle.
Now only 4 or 6 weeks more till the next shipment.
I'll just have to work on the pink ones I started, the 2 skeins of yarn waiting, the baby outfits, or any one of the 20 quilts I have started. Too many projects, TOO LITTLE TIME...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well I'm still all alone - no visits, no comments. I really don't understand how to get everywhere I want to be and all. Would love some instruction but don't know where to find that either.


Finnished Sock #1, working on #2. Stayed pretty much with patter but shortened my cuff - I don't like my socks high - more crew height. Can't wait to finnish #2 so I can wear them!!!

Of course if I stayed off the computer and on the needles I might get more done... than again I have to get back to the quilting too at some point... to many crafts, TOO LITTLE TIME

Sunday, March 11, 2007

In the beginning

... there was a knitter and quilter who joined an on-line knitting group (Socks That Rock), and discovered a whole world of blogging that she never knew existed. Fumbeling her way around she one night discovered that she could create a blog for herself and join the other knitters she discovered on-line. This made her very very happy. Now if she can only figure out the rest....