Monday, July 30, 2007

I Have Returned

Vacation was Exhausting, but fun. We decided to drive this year (thank God I didn't follow thru on my plan to pull out the 3rd seat for extra room).

Made a stop in Avon, OH at BIRDS OF A FEATHER, ... what a great store! It is a quilt store on the lower level and a yarn store on the upper - all housed in a 100 year old barn. DH spent the better part of the time checking out the barn while I checked out the yarn (the kids checked out the pastry from the shop next store). Snagged about 8 Christmas presents worth of yarn.

This is a bulky that included the pattern for the mittens. Now on a 96 degree day one might say who could think of mittens (only the depraved I know) but they are so warm and cozy they'll be just right for cold winter Michigan days. They flew off the needles (maybe 2-3 hours) - #2 is 2 rows from completion. I've decided to use the same pattern on other yarns bought that day for my nieces Christmas presents.

The pink is for Liz, mittens and if I have a smidge leftover I thought I would make a coordinating hat with a stripe or 2 of the mitten yarn. Same with the blue for Amanda.

I also purchased 2 skeins of Malabrigo on a recommendation from Laura at "Sham I am" (who I am missing terribly since she's out of blogland).

These will be for my son (hats) I am iffy on the yellow but the DH seemed to think he would wear it and I really liked the color. The blue will match his jacket.

For my daughter I found some black and pink (the fav colors) for a hat and than the solid pink will be "Mitlets" - a mitten with no thumb or fingers. She's in band and I'm hoping that she can wear these while playing.

Finally, while away I worked on my girlfriends birthday socks, so far they're going fairly well. I'm trying to figure out how to add funky cuffs to a basic sock patter - this was my first attempt.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Were off to DC for the week - Talk to you all soon - Karrie

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lucky Lurker Sock Club

Did anyone else notice/join "A Swell Yarn Shops" sock club. I decided to try it out.... figure that by the time it starts (Sept) the kids will be back to school and I'll have more time. That and its only a 3 month club currently.

In other news, I interviewed for a job in Maternity yesterday. Can't tell how it went but the Manager said she should be making a decision on Friday. I gave it to God - if that's where I'm meant to go fine, if not I'll keep looking. I always thought I wanted ER and I do like aspects of it very much, but..... I'm ready for a change.

We're gearing up for vacation - take off for DC on Sunday - going to try and hit a couple of yarn shops on the way... we'll see how much cooperation and complaining I encounter.

Happy Days - Karrie

Monday, July 2, 2007

I need some commiserating...

I hate birthdays. Its not the getting older, its only a number and I don't feel my age anyways. Its the let down. I try very hard not to expect much (anything) and there are usually good parts but it also seems there there is enough to just make the day crummy. In response to the icky birthdays (since childhood) I have tried for those around me to not celebrate just "1 day" but rather to celebrate the night before, day of and something special the day after.

This year was no different. However, as I type this, I realize that brooding on the bad and how the day was crappy will do nothing but make the day worse, so.... I will tell you about the positive:

The good... from my BF I received a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts so I can buy more yarn. What a friend! She listens, she understands me and she searched for that something special (OK maybe she didn't have to search too far, but there was definite effort there). In the past she has also gotten me a 6-pack of coke. Yes they are little things but they mean a lot cause she shows that she understands what means a lot to me. That's a friend.

So, how do you feel about birthdays?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vacation Time Well Spent

Although summer has barely started we're off to a breakneck speed. We had friends visit from NY last week which was such a pleasure. About 4 yrs ago I encouraged my friend Joyce to start quilting, which is now a passion. In the last year I have let the quilting go in favor of knitting. While she was visiting, we visited the local quilt shops and I was inspired (again). SO...... following their visit while we were at the camper I accomplished:

These two quilt blocks from a current block-of-the-month (BOM) that I joined in Feb. More involved than my usual projects, each block takes about 3 hours to complete (cutting/sewing). I have 3 more that I am behind on but am very pleased with my progress.

I also worked on a BOM that I am behind on that started last August. This will be a scrappy quilt when complete. I finished 13 blocks while vacationing ... about 6 months worth of blocks that again I am behind.

Not to be left out, I also worked on some knitting. These are Duet's for me. I have just the knitchner stitch to finish.

Also worked on DH socks. They are agonizingly slow to come off the needles. One is complete and I have 4 inches to go.
So that's it in completion land so far.