Sunday, November 29, 2009

LOVE being back in ER!!

Is everything perfect -- no -- didn't expect it to be.

Glad to be back among friends/family.

Almost done with the shopping -- just a few more fill-ins and onto the wrapping.

:) Later

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to the Beginning

Transfer was approved this week and I start back in ER on November 15th.

Glad for the experience, but more than ready to return to ER.

Other than that life is good. Christmas shopping, decorating and fires to keep warm by.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watch what you ask for.....

So, I went back to work on Monday night. They were kind to me and gave me 2 post-partums -- not a bad assignment. Than there was also the labor, which turned into a fiasco, a C/S and a re-iteration of one of the reasons I do not like OB.

Also there is rumor that 3 of the delivering Dr.'s are leaving. Which translates to less delivery's necessitating less nurses which means increased Mandatory Time Off and Call.

So...... off to ER I went today to inquire about positions and going back.

You just left you say. Yes. But staffing ratios have improved, I like ER and after 6 months in baby-land I can say this isn't for me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you God

One of the changes in Darling Husband and my relationship is that were taking a financial course at the church. Suggested by DH - as for the past 21 years I have managed the $$ with minimal help/interference from him. And while I am a darn good manger (if I do say so) a spouse that is "not on board" can beat the hell out of a budget. So we are now jointly managing the outgoing. In the course, one is to return to a cash only system in as many areas as possible.

So I now grocery shop in cash.

Tuesday we were getting ready to leave when I couldn't find my purse. Checked the car, the house, the car, the house, etc. Panicked. Called the grocery and they had one there same description. (how did I leave it --- I have no idea).

Anyways -- there WAS $300.00 dollars in there. That is our grocery money. I have been on medical and they haven't gotten a check right in 6 weeks. I panicked all the way back to the store.

Yes it was my purse. And everything -- checkbook, credit cards and ALL the cash was still in it.

Thank you God!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The last few days

Enjoying my last few days off before I return to the working world. The last time I had a lengthy vacation was when I gave birth and that was only about 4 weeks each.

Working on trying to get the house in shape, the laundry caught up, etc. If I could ship the kids someplace for 4 days it would be an easier task.

Took a class Sat called "Its A Wrap". Will post pictures shortly :)


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Picked up a new book Monday at Borders and I have been obsessed since.

Some nifty ideas including this one:

I love the look of the covered hangers and I find that its the perfect use for all those left over pieces of fabric that are too small for most projects and too large to throw out.

(Yes I know they would be great for quilts, but I have enough quilt projects started and bought that I don't need to add more to them.)

Anyways, I have covered "a few" hangers this week:

but I may have reached the point of obsession. On Thrusday I went to Michaels and bought some wire, made miniture hangers and yes covered those too.

I might need to go back to work..... ya think?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello out there.....

Well, not sure there is anyone left in blogland these days. Many, many of the blogs that I use to read have gone the way of the dinosaur. Guess everyone is now on facebook.

Well you say, you haven't posted since June and infrequently before that. True. Life was a little hectic before that. Yes, yes I know every one's is. But I was busy in ways I was cautious about sharing.

I had decided in March that I had had enough and was going to file for divorce. Spent the spring looking for houses with several adamant rules that limited my choices. In late June I told my spouse. Amazing that men don't realize whats right under their noses. He "didn't realize I was that unhappy". Anyways - have you seen the movie "Fireproof"? It works. "Love Dare" works. (Alan did it, I was done.)

We are still together. Marriage is better than it ever has been and I actually like and love my husband. He is a changed man.

In September I had elective surgery and am currently off on medical. REALLY enjoying being home. So much so I don't want to go back to work. But reality is I have bills to pay and college tuition around the corner and retirement to save for so not working isn't an option.

So that's the update in a nutshell.

Chat soon

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello All

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth.

Went to 8 hour midnights - (that's 5/7 nights which translates to 2 nights off together every 2 weeks) which were very difficult but allowed me more time to learn -- which I needed.

The job is going better - still not in love but definitely better.

Other than that -- not much.

Knitting is going slow. Working on a lace shawl with several "design elements"......

Still have about 1 inch of cuff on sock #2 - can't get motivated to complete.

Finished a baby quilt. Have a baby kimono to match but have to block it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello All

How about a chat?

Life is its usual crazy....

Started the new job 2 weeks ago yesterday to (hopefully) the last snowstorm of the season. One of my biggest concerns about changing hospitals was arriving on time in a snowstorm. My old hosp being 1 mile away this wasn't a problem. New hosp. 18 miles away..... so God decided to get that little worry right out of the way the first day.

Cried the entire way home day #1. Get the picture.

Week #1 was filled with culture shock. Let's just say that the pace is no where near that of ER - and while ER has become a little over-the-top the last 6 months, watching a baby monitor for 6 hours is a little too morgue like.

Week #2 was slightly better. A) I went from days (a god awful shift) to my blessed nights; B) My preceptor is very knowledgeable and has done this preceptor thing a time or 20; C) She actually started me hands-on which is how I learn best.

I still am very homesick. But I prayed for God's perfect plan and this is where I'm at. I've received a lot of encouragement from my old ER group and some of the pieces are starting to fall into place (maybe 30 of the 500 piece puzzle).

Realistically, as I keep saying to everyone, I have to give it 6 months, ask me how I like it in 6 months

:) K

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Haven't died.

Haven't stopped blogging.

Haven't stopped working (it feels like).

Start the new job on Monday (tomorrow) ---

Have a lot of changes going on which I can't (but will) blog about in the near future.

One step at a time we walk the road of life. My new path is very scary at the moment -- at this point all I know is I have to appear on the unit at 0700 Monday. That's it. No schedule, no time frames, no idea of anything.

For a planner this is very hap-hazard.

All will be fine in the end -- I just keep telling myself this.

Later Peeps

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello All

Yes I am still here.

Sorry there hasn't been any posts - still have lots about Chicago - life is just slightly more BLAH than normal -- not sure what is actually making it so but it is.

Finally got my "official" letter on Friday - very pleased cause even though I knew I got the job -- I really wasn't believing it until I got "the letter"

Been working extra shifts - and of course getting cold feet about leaving -- you know the last 4 days have been better..... I know leaving is the best thing, but change you know.....

Other than that life continues. Josh is driving me nuts (12 is such a fun age NOT!) Lissa is counting down the days to her birthday (I am not ready for 16) and work goes on.

Later Gators

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicago Friday

So the first store that we hit was on Polk btwn State and Wabash - a very short jaunt from our hotel (Essex 8th/Mich).
What an awesome place. Very nice assortment of yarns and books. I started by purchasing this book. Now, no I don't have any babies or any grandchildren in the wings, but I love to make baby stuff. Its usually a quick knit and I've learned about sweater construction on a little scale since I'm not much of a sweater person myself.
I also purchased this ball of mohair with sparkles (sorry its blurry). The shaw was an easy 40 stitch cast on -- knit all -- on 17's. But the scarf/shawl came out so light and airy with little bits of glitz. Saw it done in blue jean and silver -- very pretty. This is for mom for Christmas (that's the plan at least).
And even though I don't need any more sock yarn currently.... Fleece Artist with pattern. No immediate completion plans, stash enhancement.

The people at Loopy Yarn were wonderful!!! - very helpful, welcoming.... just too kind.
Definitely a place I will hit again and that I recommend if you're visiting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chicago Outbound

Our jaunt to the Windy City was wonderful!!! I have to take pics of purchases --- (stay tuned) but haven't unpacked much yet.

Took a new project with me to start on the train. As we pulled out of Dearborn Station, I cast on for "Flow" . Harlot had done this last summer and after obtaining pattern (special order off internet) and than finding yarn I could afford 1000 yds of (thank you bust-line....Seduce was not in my budget) I set off. Worked on the 7 hr ride (we were delayed) and had a good 5 inch mojo going.

Friday night I took the project out, transferred it to circular needles to check width and such and realized that when I completed this there would be 10 inches more material around my middle. Now I realize that the pattern said this straight off. However, I did not read that far and it didn't become clear until I laid the knitting out (got gauge and all) and realized HOW MUCH extra fabric that was. That's a lot. And if you are conscious about the "few extra pounds" that one carries -- an extra 10 inches can make one feel more than "quite a few pounds" heavier.

So I ripped it out. The whole thing.

So much for 7 hrs of knitting time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving on a train....

Did I mention that my friend Diane and I are going on a yarn crawl?

Well we are headed to Chicago tomorrow, by train.

6 hours of uninterrupted knitting there.

Two days of shopping and knitting.

10 yarn shops down Michigan Avenue (near as we can figure) and 4 outlying. We're going to keep going as long as the cash holds out.

A nice dinner or two and ...

than another 6 hours back.


:) K

Friday, February 20, 2009



OB FT midnights

(Insert Happy Dance here)

:) K

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilt #3

This is the third quilt top that I finished during our fest --

Fabric is about 4 years in the stash --- My last year of nursing school (05) - I went on my first (and only so far) "shop hop". I had purchased this with the intention of appliqueing a tea set onto solid fabric and than surrounding that with squares.

Didn't happen.

So, I unearthed this, cut strips of differing sizes (cream with flowers) and same sized black and joined. I'm going to bind with pink I think -- also from the stash.

5.5 less yards :)


Friday, February 6, 2009

More photos...

This quilt (actually finished when Joy was here) was my biggest "get rid of stuff".

The "nine patch" blocks were a collection made from scraps through the past few years that were sitting in the laundry room. The butterflies were cut with the intention of making a "butterfly" quilt at some point and I unearthed them while cleaning (moving things around) the workroom. The beige was intended to be a "flip-flop" quilt... which I will never get to.

So I combined the three. This cut down the stash/intended projects/started projects by THREE, which was such a good feeling. The quilt even came out looking quite nice for something just pulled together.

:) K

Monday, February 2, 2009

So, I finally have pictures.... (#1)

This is a kit that I purchased about 3 yrs ago. The 24 square blocks are stacked and than cut, shuffled, sewed together and cut again *repeat*.

I had cut and sewn the squares probably a year ago (at least) and there they languished. After Christmas I decided to get it together so I could send it back with Joy for quilting.

1 down.... (I'm not even willing to count the number yet) ___ to go


P.S. It is AMAZING what an above 30 degree day will do to one's soul. It is "Springlike" in very loose terms, but who cares :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello All

Things are going dandy for snowy January. My GF Joy from NY just left and we had a wonderful 5 days of sewing.

Sewing ? Yes. Last may I went east for quilt camp. This January we met here and created camp for ourselves. A little bit of shopping a lot of sewing. I completed 3 quilt tops (YIPPEE - 7 less yards of fabric in the stash and 3 fewer languishing projects) -- and have another with the blocks all done and the final piecing to be done.

I am desperately trying to decrease the sewing stash as I rarely do much now that knitting has moved to the forefront.

So its back to work Thursday and possibly an OB interview in the near future --- will keep you posted :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interested ???

Interested in entering a give away - check out this site: by 12:00 Thursday CST

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its cold and there's lots of snow....

Yes I know, I live in a cold snowy state - that doesn't mean that I like it.

Actually I would take the snow over the sub-zero which is due to hit today. But that is life and there's no use complaining.

What are cold snowy days good for? GETTING RID OF THE CRAP-OLA! I am so sick of the crap that accumulates I could scream. So I am going on a big purge (no, not the yarn, the crap). If it hasn't been used I am getting rid of it. New Years Resolution = think about every purchase... do I REALLY need this or am I buying it cause its a good price and I might have need for it in the future, maybe...... My house is over run so I am trying to regain control (or at least some vision of control that I can live with!)

In knit news, I have several projects that I am working on. Currently underway is a pair of plain black socks in worsted weight for a co-worker. One is finished I have to start the 2nd.

My "November Shaw" is almost done. I have about 3 more inches of the ruffle to Finish.

I just started on a baby sweater - about 4 inches on the back.

Did a neck warmer for my ISE7 pal (part of her package - very nice quick pattern).

I was just given a ball of wound sock yarn to try and invigorate me (I socked out at the moment) and I printed off YH current sock pattern which she says "moves really quick". We'll see.

I am suppose to be cleaning the house as my GF from NY is coming next week and the house is a little "over the top" of messy.

So that's life -- chat later

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways

So, if you have visited much you are aware that after 4.5 yrs in ER - I am ready for a move.

Since I was used to deliver little Abigail to a new family, I have entertained the idea of OB. So far this has not led to an productive end.

Following my last transfer request, HR suggest that I speak with the OB manager and maybe gain some insight. I attempted to reach her unsuccessfully. Had decided to write it off and low and behold she calls me. We meet. Pleasant exchange, nice lady. She attempts to contact Oakwoods OB manager unsuccessfully and tells me go get back with her end of the week.

End of the week I attempt to catch her, unsuccessful. So I decide to stop chasing something that doesn't seem to be coming to fruition and just enjoy the holidays.

The 19th I go on line and find and ICU position at southshore that I print off in preparation to fine. Monday the Mgr calls me back, that she has someone for me to contact. Merry Christmas.

I wait. Its Christmas week. Its family time, possibly vacation time. Its New Years. So Monday is the beginning of things, Monday is the first Monday in January. I contact this person who sounds very happy to receive me call. Tells me He will get in touch with the Department Mgr and if I don't' hear from her by Friday call him.

Dept. mgr calls about 430 Monday - got the email from Dr ...... what is the relationship she asks? Explain. Instructions me to complete on-line processing. Recruiter is this name and number.

I will be following up with this name and number to marrow (when I get up). Hoping for an interview next week M,T,W before I start my second round of days. Happy news all the same --- closes I've seen since I applied at Oakwood.

My times are in his hands and they will deliver me where I need to be when I need to be there.

In other words, my darling daughter has decided that she wants to take up knitting to make herself a sweater. I am very encouraging! She is currently learnign to knit. Than we will complete a purl washcloth. Finally a k2p2 and than we will begin this:

I think it will be devine. Not too hard wearable whatever the years (we can add button on sleeves if necessary, in a dark grey smoke......''

Weigh in