Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello All

Yes I am still here.

Sorry there hasn't been any posts - still have lots about Chicago - life is just slightly more BLAH than normal -- not sure what is actually making it so but it is.

Finally got my "official" letter on Friday - very pleased cause even though I knew I got the job -- I really wasn't believing it until I got "the letter"

Been working extra shifts - and of course getting cold feet about leaving -- you know the last 4 days have been better..... I know leaving is the best thing, but change you know.....

Other than that life continues. Josh is driving me nuts (12 is such a fun age NOT!) Lissa is counting down the days to her birthday (I am not ready for 16) and work goes on.

Later Gators

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicago Friday

So the first store that we hit was on Polk btwn State and Wabash - a very short jaunt from our hotel (Essex 8th/Mich).
What an awesome place. Very nice assortment of yarns and books. I started by purchasing this book. Now, no I don't have any babies or any grandchildren in the wings, but I love to make baby stuff. Its usually a quick knit and I've learned about sweater construction on a little scale since I'm not much of a sweater person myself.
I also purchased this ball of mohair with sparkles (sorry its blurry). The shaw was an easy 40 stitch cast on -- knit all -- on 17's. But the scarf/shawl came out so light and airy with little bits of glitz. Saw it done in blue jean and silver -- very pretty. This is for mom for Christmas (that's the plan at least).
And even though I don't need any more sock yarn currently.... Fleece Artist with pattern. No immediate completion plans, stash enhancement.

The people at Loopy Yarn were wonderful!!! - very helpful, welcoming.... just too kind.
Definitely a place I will hit again and that I recommend if you're visiting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chicago Outbound

Our jaunt to the Windy City was wonderful!!! I have to take pics of purchases --- (stay tuned) but haven't unpacked much yet.

Took a new project with me to start on the train. As we pulled out of Dearborn Station, I cast on for "Flow" . Harlot had done this last summer and after obtaining pattern (special order off internet) and than finding yarn I could afford 1000 yds of (thank you bust-line....Seduce was not in my budget) I set off. Worked on the 7 hr ride (we were delayed) and had a good 5 inch mojo going.

Friday night I took the project out, transferred it to circular needles to check width and such and realized that when I completed this there would be 10 inches more material around my middle. Now I realize that the pattern said this straight off. However, I did not read that far and it didn't become clear until I laid the knitting out (got gauge and all) and realized HOW MUCH extra fabric that was. That's a lot. And if you are conscious about the "few extra pounds" that one carries -- an extra 10 inches can make one feel more than "quite a few pounds" heavier.

So I ripped it out. The whole thing.

So much for 7 hrs of knitting time.