Monday, March 2, 2009

Chicago Friday

So the first store that we hit was on Polk btwn State and Wabash - a very short jaunt from our hotel (Essex 8th/Mich).
What an awesome place. Very nice assortment of yarns and books. I started by purchasing this book. Now, no I don't have any babies or any grandchildren in the wings, but I love to make baby stuff. Its usually a quick knit and I've learned about sweater construction on a little scale since I'm not much of a sweater person myself.
I also purchased this ball of mohair with sparkles (sorry its blurry). The shaw was an easy 40 stitch cast on -- knit all -- on 17's. But the scarf/shawl came out so light and airy with little bits of glitz. Saw it done in blue jean and silver -- very pretty. This is for mom for Christmas (that's the plan at least).
And even though I don't need any more sock yarn currently.... Fleece Artist with pattern. No immediate completion plans, stash enhancement.

The people at Loopy Yarn were wonderful!!! - very helpful, welcoming.... just too kind.
Definitely a place I will hit again and that I recommend if you're visiting!

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Rachel said...

Oooo, thanks for the pictures and info! LOVE that sock yarn; I totally wouldn't be able to resist that either. Glad you had such a fun trip!