Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello to anyone who still stops by....

Lots going on here at "Too Little Time" which is leaving too little time for much else.

I did take several loads of stuff to the resale, to donate and than stalled. I see this project resurfacing here in the very near future for various reasons....

My darling daughter turned 18 in April which was a major hurdle for the mom (don't know why some things hit you harder than others - 18 major, graduation not at all).

Said darling daughter also graduated this June. This includes a pending graduation party in July -- don't even want to think about that one yet. And who's brillant idea was it to hand make party invitations including 3-D tassels (I'm a glutton)!

Manly little man (who isn't little at all anymore at almost 6 ft and 190 #s at 14) graduated 8th grade and starts HS in the fall. Actually as he's in band he's already very active over at the high school. We are very pleased that he made drum line! Yeah Josh :)

In knitting news there is nothing new. I lost my knitting mojo. I have 2 single socks with no mates and babies with no sweaters. Don't know when that will rectify itself.

Instead I've been sewing. Working on the "Grandmothers Flower Garden" -- need to take a picture cause I've gotten quite a lot done. Probably 3/4 of a king size bed.

So thats the skinny. Lots more to chat about but that will have to wait.

Happy June days all...