Thursday, November 4, 2010

Craftyness Abounds

As mentioned on the ISE blog, I have been having a love afair with booties lately -- 6 pairs completed and various yarn ends still availble for more. I have pushed the booties to the rear (sort of) to work on various other projects.

My ISE 9 scarf is underway and somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 done depending on how long I make it. Pleased with its progress to date I have to keep my eye on the deadline or I know I'll be racing to finish....

Finished a baby kimono that was languishing... before said baby outgrew it. Quite a feat that.

Big news in craft land is the completion of 2 quilt tops in about 1-1/2 weeks. Amazing to me that when the mojo is right how quickly things can come together. Same as how quickly they stall when the mojo is off.

The quilt tops were quite a exclamation for me. One is a Christmas gift for my daughter's special boy (love the boy) ... pictures will be forthcoming when I get the whole camera thing straightened out.

The second has fabric that has been languishing for about 10 years. The main fabrics are from a "St. Jude's" series carried at Minnesota Fabrics long long ago. I have just never had the push to make them up. 2 years ago I purchased additional fabric to pull it all together and even cut the squares but still could not find the oomph to sew them together. Then the other day the right person came along for the quilt and it made itself up. Amazing how that works! So the top is done, sandwiched and currently in the being tied mode. Again, pics will be forthcoming.

Thanks for checking in all :)