Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you God

One of the changes in Darling Husband and my relationship is that were taking a financial course at the church. Suggested by DH - as for the past 21 years I have managed the $$ with minimal help/interference from him. And while I am a darn good manger (if I do say so) a spouse that is "not on board" can beat the hell out of a budget. So we are now jointly managing the outgoing. In the course, one is to return to a cash only system in as many areas as possible.

So I now grocery shop in cash.

Tuesday we were getting ready to leave when I couldn't find my purse. Checked the car, the house, the car, the house, etc. Panicked. Called the grocery and they had one there same description. (how did I leave it --- I have no idea).

Anyways -- there WAS $300.00 dollars in there. That is our grocery money. I have been on medical and they haven't gotten a check right in 6 weeks. I panicked all the way back to the store.

Yes it was my purse. And everything -- checkbook, credit cards and ALL the cash was still in it.

Thank you God!!!


Leah said...

What a happy ending!

We're doing financial adjustments too--and I came to the conclusion that cash-only is very helpful for keeping control of what you're actually spending. I'm definitely trying to be more aware, and get Sarge on board too.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that story ended happily!