Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello All

Things are going dandy for snowy January. My GF Joy from NY just left and we had a wonderful 5 days of sewing.

Sewing ? Yes. Last may I went east for quilt camp. This January we met here and created camp for ourselves. A little bit of shopping a lot of sewing. I completed 3 quilt tops (YIPPEE - 7 less yards of fabric in the stash and 3 fewer languishing projects) -- and have another with the blocks all done and the final piecing to be done.

I am desperately trying to decrease the sewing stash as I rarely do much now that knitting has moved to the forefront.

So its back to work Thursday and possibly an OB interview in the near future --- will keep you posted :)



Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my thumbs up re:interview!

Leah said...

Yes, the interview sounds like an exciting possibility!

And I'm working on a bunch of projects too, trying to de-stash...


Anonymous said...

Yeah to destashing! - Thanks for all the well wishes will keep you all posted - K

Rachel said...

You sew, too? Wow! Have fun with the quilting endeavors!