Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its cold and there's lots of snow....

Yes I know, I live in a cold snowy state - that doesn't mean that I like it.

Actually I would take the snow over the sub-zero which is due to hit today. But that is life and there's no use complaining.

What are cold snowy days good for? GETTING RID OF THE CRAP-OLA! I am so sick of the crap that accumulates I could scream. So I am going on a big purge (no, not the yarn, the crap). If it hasn't been used I am getting rid of it. New Years Resolution = think about every purchase... do I REALLY need this or am I buying it cause its a good price and I might have need for it in the future, maybe...... My house is over run so I am trying to regain control (or at least some vision of control that I can live with!)

In knit news, I have several projects that I am working on. Currently underway is a pair of plain black socks in worsted weight for a co-worker. One is finished I have to start the 2nd.

My "November Shaw" is almost done. I have about 3 more inches of the ruffle to Finish.

I just started on a baby sweater - about 4 inches on the back.

Did a neck warmer for my ISE7 pal (part of her package - very nice quick pattern).

I was just given a ball of wound sock yarn to try and invigorate me (I socked out at the moment) and I printed off YH current sock pattern which she says "moves really quick". We'll see.

I am suppose to be cleaning the house as my GF from NY is coming next week and the house is a little "over the top" of messy.

So that's life -- chat later


Leah said...

Ditto on the crapola. I feel like I'm drowning. AND I made a New Year's resolution not to buy any more yarn indefinitely--at least until I'd made a dent in the massive stash! My husband is overjoyed.


Rachel said...

Good luck on the resolution! (I never bothered to make that one, because I know me, and I'd never stick to it, lol!)