Monday, July 2, 2007

I need some commiserating...

I hate birthdays. Its not the getting older, its only a number and I don't feel my age anyways. Its the let down. I try very hard not to expect much (anything) and there are usually good parts but it also seems there there is enough to just make the day crummy. In response to the icky birthdays (since childhood) I have tried for those around me to not celebrate just "1 day" but rather to celebrate the night before, day of and something special the day after.

This year was no different. However, as I type this, I realize that brooding on the bad and how the day was crappy will do nothing but make the day worse, so.... I will tell you about the positive:

The good... from my BF I received a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts so I can buy more yarn. What a friend! She listens, she understands me and she searched for that something special (OK maybe she didn't have to search too far, but there was definite effort there). In the past she has also gotten me a 6-pack of coke. Yes they are little things but they mean a lot cause she shows that she understands what means a lot to me. That's a friend.

So, how do you feel about birthdays?


Tracy said...

I'm like you. I've begun to accept that fact that no matter how much time and effort I spend on everyone elses birthday in my house, it's just not going to happen for mine. Still, there's always this little glimmer of hope that this year might be different.
My problem is that I also hate getting older. I don't feel my age either but I still hate the idea that I'm not 19 anymore.
So, Happy Birthday and enjoy buying your yarn!

Kathleen said...

This year I turned 50. The day of was not so bad but the days before and the tought of another year were worse