Monday, July 30, 2007

I Have Returned

Vacation was Exhausting, but fun. We decided to drive this year (thank God I didn't follow thru on my plan to pull out the 3rd seat for extra room).

Made a stop in Avon, OH at BIRDS OF A FEATHER, ... what a great store! It is a quilt store on the lower level and a yarn store on the upper - all housed in a 100 year old barn. DH spent the better part of the time checking out the barn while I checked out the yarn (the kids checked out the pastry from the shop next store). Snagged about 8 Christmas presents worth of yarn.

This is a bulky that included the pattern for the mittens. Now on a 96 degree day one might say who could think of mittens (only the depraved I know) but they are so warm and cozy they'll be just right for cold winter Michigan days. They flew off the needles (maybe 2-3 hours) - #2 is 2 rows from completion. I've decided to use the same pattern on other yarns bought that day for my nieces Christmas presents.

The pink is for Liz, mittens and if I have a smidge leftover I thought I would make a coordinating hat with a stripe or 2 of the mitten yarn. Same with the blue for Amanda.

I also purchased 2 skeins of Malabrigo on a recommendation from Laura at "Sham I am" (who I am missing terribly since she's out of blogland).

These will be for my son (hats) I am iffy on the yellow but the DH seemed to think he would wear it and I really liked the color. The blue will match his jacket.

For my daughter I found some black and pink (the fav colors) for a hat and than the solid pink will be "Mitlets" - a mitten with no thumb or fingers. She's in band and I'm hoping that she can wear these while playing.

Finally, while away I worked on my girlfriends birthday socks, so far they're going fairly well. I'm trying to figure out how to add funky cuffs to a basic sock patter - this was my first attempt.

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Tracy said...

How did you know my birthday was next month? I can't wait to get my birthday socks! Thanks!
Oh and I can't wait to see my Christmas present from you. I really like the pink! hint hint