Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lucky Lurker Sock Club

Did anyone else notice/join "A Swell Yarn Shops" sock club. I decided to try it out.... figure that by the time it starts (Sept) the kids will be back to school and I'll have more time. That and its only a 3 month club currently.

In other news, I interviewed for a job in Maternity yesterday. Can't tell how it went but the Manager said she should be making a decision on Friday. I gave it to God - if that's where I'm meant to go fine, if not I'll keep looking. I always thought I wanted ER and I do like aspects of it very much, but..... I'm ready for a change.

We're gearing up for vacation - take off for DC on Sunday - going to try and hit a couple of yarn shops on the way... we'll see how much cooperation and complaining I encounter.

Happy Days - Karrie


Tanya said...

Hey, Karrie! Something must be wrong with my Bloglines. I was wondering why you were posting. Just couldn't see them!

Happy vacationing. Hope the weather breaks again. Its been much nicer around here this summer than last!

Thanks for all your reassurances and encouraging words on my projects!

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation! I hope you find some pretty yarns en route, and I wish you well on the interview.