Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I remember...

Monday night while I was trying to fall asleep, I laid in bed remembering things from my youth... like:

  • "Fishing" with my brother in the driveway puddle, trying to hook leaves with a stick, string and paperclip.
  • Walking home from school with friends.
  • My kindergarten teacher using my "art" as an example of how not to color and being so embarrassed.
  • Playing jump rope in first grade at recess.
  • Kevin Duhonic "killing" the flowers on my dresses as he sat behind me.
  • Learning about race related hate when I tried to include the boy who was being left out and he misinterpreted my actions.
  • The people who touched your life growing up that you have no idea where they are, but will never forget: Bobby Harris, Carrie Gathawat, Kevin Duhonic, Joseph Stratmann, Ty Bittner, Miss Martigan.

The things that run through your mind when your suppose to be sleeping!

Later Gaters


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Anonymous said...

Trey Lehman, who always I fought over the blue with chair in kindergarten. Yeah, I'm with ya.