Saturday, June 7, 2008


My wonderful upstream pal "Crafty Bernie" sent me two wonderful shawls. This first one will be great when the weather does get cold again to wrap around either inside my jacket to add warmth both around my neck and shoulders or outside my jacket to add interest when its blah outside.
This second one will be delightful now for those times when you enter those establishments that want to recreate the Arctic. I hate freezing in the summer!, I do enough of that from Nov till March.
She also included some stitch markers, a lovely bar of soap encased in its own wash... thing and a skein of yarn from project number 1.
Tomorrow I will post images of some of the yarn I bought in NY.
Until than all :)


Rachel said...

Those are so beautiful! Two of them - wow! So glad you got such a great partner!

Leah said...

K, those are gorgeous.

Hasbu said...

They are both lovely. I'm so glad YOU got those. :)

Craftybernie said...

Hey there!

They look fab on you. Thanks for the 'money' shots! Lol.

The whole lace thing has been a mystery for me since I started knitting again in 2006. But something just clicked and these two shawls jumped off the needles.

I can't recommend the FCS shawl pattern enough (how many times have I mentioned that already?). It's such a doddle and as it was written for DK weight yarn, it's very forgiving!

I hope you have a lot of pleasure wearing them. Take care & happy knitting! Bernie x

--elf-- said...

Oh, you did get a great partner--two lovely shawls!!!