Friday, June 20, 2008

Picture Time

So, when my GF from NY visited last summer, I sent her home with several quilt tops that I had completed and hadn't quilted. She just bought a long arm quilter and needed practice.

When I went to visit in May, I returned with several finished quilts.

This is not my colors at all! However, I saw it hanging in a shop back in 05, loved it and bought the kit. The pattern is called "3 bean salad" and is a quick quilt.

My house is primarily red/white/blue. This quilt originally was destined for someone else. However, after seeing it quilted, I decided to keep it for my bed. The pattern is "Yellow Brick Road".

Finally is this stack and whack quilt. I think its official name is "Crazy 9 Patch", but I would have to check for sure. You stack 20 different squares - slice, sew and shuffle, slice, sew and shuffle, etc 6 times. Its quick and cool. Again, I wasn't crazy about this one until I saw it quilted.
Upcoming photos include the quilt retreat project, other sewing and knitting.
Happy Sunshine


Danielle said...

I love quilts a lot. I used to make wall hanging quilts a lot that I hand quilted myself because that was the part I especially enjoyed. I really didn't like the cutting and piecing very much sadly. That's probably why I ended up stopping after a time. I did make my two boys some neat bed quilts with flannel fabric. I posted about them awhile ago on my blog. I don't sew much anymore, only when I REALLY need too lol ;)

All of the quilts you've made look awesome to me!! I'd take all of them off your hands in a minute lol :)

Rachel said...

What beautiful quilts! I'm sure they'll be cherished for many years to come!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

KnittingMoose said...

Love the quilts!