Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank you!

I want to "thank you" all that have been stopping in, leaving messages, and those that haven't. Believe it or not, I am really enjoying this. Kind of like something that you enjoy doing but just don't get to unless pushed.

In knitting news, I've been working on a shawl/
wrap thing. This is really nice wool in "rainforest" that I picked up in NY - anyways, I did 2 skeins (380 yrds) and its too short.


So please take a look at what its suppose to be -- mine is about 2/3 the size - I need a 3rd ball of yarn which is vary hard to get. So, Suggestions? I'm thinking that I might just have to rip the whole thing out and use the yarn for something else.

In other knitting news, I am working on October 07 STR shipment. These are destined for my daughter - and after a start and rip session I am working on the foot. The yarn looked more like her hair before when it was skeined, but I am still liking the way they look.

Chat Soon



Danielle said...

The socks look pretty. I don't know about the wrap, but I think that maybe if you can't get that yarn then you might have to rip and reuse it for something else :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe rip it and start over with less stitches? Then you'd have yarn to make it longer.

Rachel said...

You could maybe contact the store and see if they've got one more skein? Otherwise, Ravelry is a great place to find a missing skein to finish up a project!