Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing New

Hard to believe that in 8 days nothing can be new. As I type this I realize that there are a couple, but nothing necessarily positive.

My car decided that it needed that little extra attention this weekend, so off to the shop she went for a few hoses (cooling type), new window motor and oil change. Can you say cha-ching. Why is it when your trying to pay bills off you seem to acquire even more.

Danielle from "A Knitting Mom" has disappeared, right out of blog land. No notice, no nothing. So Danielle, if you're reading, I'm missing you!!!

Work is work, lets move on.

I did run into the Nurse Recruiter for our main hospital last week. Spoke with her regarding a transfer and she did clue me in on a position that was going to be posted. I have sent all my paperwork over and am waiting (again) to hear something.

Other than that? I'm cleaning and doing laundry. Oh what a life I lead :)



--elf-- said...

I'm with you on the laundry and cleaning--I've got plenty of that going on! But I did finally just teach myself german twisted caston for a new pair of socks I'm starting!

Rachel said...

I got in touch with Danielle and she says she's given up blogging for awhile, but she's still online with Ravelry a lot.

Good luck on that laundry pile. When you're done, you should come over here and tackle mine, lol! Does the insanity ever end!!!