Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday


Last week when I was at work, the RN Recruiter for our Main hospital in the system came through the ER on a totally unrelated task. I spoke with her for a few minutes, she told me about a OB position at Main and gave me her card with the instructions to forward a transfer request and resume. Which I did. The next AM when I arrived home.

So it being one week almost to the hour today, I called to follow-up.

While I have not been invited for an interview yet, the conversation was very positive and I am hoping to be invited for said interview in the next couple weeks.

Amond some of the other things she said to me "Divine Intervention" was one.

She mentioned that ER nurses are one of the best fits for OB as were used to ever changing playing fields, life and death and taking all in stride like the post has just been delivered. SO, the conversation has uplifted me that there may be the possibility of change in my near future and not just distant future. Which is good cause I'm off to the "yucky place" in an hour and can do so with a little more hope.

Will keep you posted :)


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--elf-- said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I wasn't sorry to leave my workplace for the last time--couldn't get out of there fast enough today!