Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello All

So I've been back at work.

Didn't get the Mother/Baby job, they promoted from within. Waiting to see if they post a part time position. Spoke with someone from Alaska yesterday who told me she would hire me for a month in an intern position. Giving it some serious consideration for next summer. Real serious consideration. I mean what an opportunity!

If you don't have a 15 YO yet, let me tell you its NOT a joy. And if you do have one, do you have any pearls of wisdom? I seriously do not currently like my child much.

Other than that I'm working and knitting. Plan to hit the camper this coming weekend, hoping to get some serious knitting done. Only have a couple more weekends before we close up. Have the "Vintage socks about 1/2 done. All the leaves & one sock. I have to do sock #2 and attach all the cuff leaves.

Well its off to the yucky place, happy days all.


Danielle said...

I do hope things get better :) I think we all have these times of dislike with our children no matter what age they are don't we! All my 2 boys do is fight-- I swear I'm getting ready to tear my hair out of my head.

That which does not kill up makes us stronger right? LOL ;)

Leah said...

Hi K! I'm catching up on your blog and also wanted to tell you that you've won my tiny toy in a matchbox contest! I will get it out to you very soon.


Rachel said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure about Danielle's blog. I'll try to check it out . . .