Monday, January 28, 2008

You Make My Day

A few days back Hanna from Hasbu's hideaway (Carrie, I will figure this out yet) nominated me for You Make My Day.

Thank You Hanna

I appreciate all those that I do visit (and you know who you are cause I comment, frequently). I enjoy all your postings and checking in with my "friends". I appreciate those that I've gotten to know better, and those that are across the pond (Hanna / Elf) that otherwise I would never have encountered.

I appreciate the times you all let me whine. The advice and suggestions given. The support that comes without fear of derision. A group of cheerleaders that I can check in with anytime, anywhere.

So to all of you my blog buddies - "You Make My Day"



Hasbu said...

Blogs are for whining, aren't they? :) It is really nice to have a place where you can vent.

I love reading your posts, you always find good in everything.

Leah said...

Right back to you Karrie!


Tracy said...

What a nice post Karrie! Just remember, all the things you just said other bloggers do for you, you do for us as well!