Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hello To All My Friends!

I feel like I've been gone an eternity, though I haven't gone anywhere. Between the kids being home (absolutely loved it but we were all ready to return to a schedule) and work being wacky because of the holidays, I feel very disjointed.

I would like to take the time to post a nice long update with photos... but I'm suppose to be sleeping as I have to work again tonight. Than Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are packed so it will probably be next week before I have time to say much more.

I am hoping that I will catch up with life again here soon (do I say that in every post, sure feels like it). I have been knitting.... just finished a Baby Surprise Jacket which I absolutely love both the finished item and the pattern! I have been listening to Knit Pics Podcasts (got an IPod for xmas) and want to purchase a bunch of books now. I need to find the time to get a project together (yarn, pattern, needles) so that I can start on something else, but can't find that time either... UGH!!!

So, here's hoping your finding your balance. Chat Soon K


Leah said...

I'm psyched to hear about your BSJ! Can't wait to see a photo. I just bought the yarn to make a second one--they really are addictive.

Tanya said...

Take it when you have a minute to breathe. We can wait. Although, I am looking forward to seeing all your knitting!

Leah said...

p.s. I joined the scavenger hunt swap and saw you on the list there! Yay. And ditto Tanya--we'll be here--

Danielle said...

I got the opinionated knitter by EZ just so I could make a BSJ, and still haven't gotten around to it lol ;) Can't wait to see how yours turned out. I'm still disjointed from the holidays, oh who am I kidding I'm always disjointed LOL ;)!! I figure if I'm blogging less and being with my family more, and maybe even knitting more, then that's a good thing.There are only so many hours in one day, right?

Hasbu said...

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