Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 2008

And a right good one its going to be too.

I woke up Monday morning and as I was laying there thought that if I still had that 2nd job I would be getting to go in and that extra $200 would come in really handy right now to pay for Lissa's drivers training (yes, driver's training... but we'll discuss that another day) and as I lay there I got this upset knotted stomache at the thought. That was confirmation enough that I made the right decision by quitting. I love being free of that albatross.

The last couple of days are the first ones that I have had off this new year without children, thus why I'm just now getting around to a holiday review and knitting update.

My biggest resolution for the New Year was more of a revelation. Currently in MI there are only 2 grocery stores at which to shop. Kroger and Meijer. I have shopped so long at M that I can't find anything at K and they are much higher priced. However, M's customer service has going to the toliet. This has been getting my goat for some time now. I made a concious decision that since M wasn't going to change and I didn't like K that MY ATTITUDE had to change and what a difference it made.

I applied this same perspective to the "In-Law Holiday Gathering". Those elements that irritated the bajeevers out of me, I tried to remove. I provided all the food and drink and made it an open house so they were free to arrive whenever and I wasn't waiting on them for any part of the meal. Ended up being a very nice day, all things considered.

So, I am resolving to not let things in life that I have no control over get to me. That it is up to me to change my attitude towards the situation and thus move forward. No one cares how I feel about this or that and if I don't have the power to change the situation than I do have the power to change how I respond and feel about it. Once changed, the whatever doesn't have any power anymore. I'll let you know how this works throughout the year.... and feel free to remind me when I'm crabbing about something.

Christmas did me in for awhile on my sock knitting. I have several pairs I need to work on but I had interst in nothing that was time consuming. So I've knitting up a 1/2 dozen so far of these cuties. I'm hoping to have a tree next year with a knitting theme, even if its just a little one. One of the blogs I visit (please forgive me, I can't remember which one right now) had some miniture sweaters and provided me with the link. I'm hoping to add a few to this new tree as well.

Before Christmas I had purchased yarn to make myself a hat and mittens for the early mornings I'm leaving work and don't care about what it does to my hair. I've finnished the hat and one mitten. Hopefully will have a 2nd done here before March.

I also purchased EZ "Baby Surprise Jacket" pattern and yarn. I found out at xmas that a cousin-in-law is having their first baby in April so that was slated for them. I have a baby outfit in light green (pants/top) that I don't like the way the top came out at all. I had started a 2nd pair of pants (same pattern) but didn't want to repeat the icky top. So... I'm pairing the BSJ green and beige with the 2nd pants (which are 1/2 done).

The kit came with yarn that is somewhat scratchy (green and grey). One of my co-workers is due in February so I thought I would use it for her. If she doesn't use it I'll never know if she washes it and it shrinks I'll never know that either so its a perfect fit. BSJ #2 is 3/4 done - hoping to have it finnished before I go back to work Thursday. I know you've heard this before, but I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It is so quick and cute and makes the nicest jacket. So I am going to tear out the top to light green pants/top and mix the light green with some varigated baby yarn to make jacket #3. That one is in the wings.

I am also making a real effort to get back to my quilting this year. Yes I quilt too. I know you haven't heard much about that, but I do. I currently have 2 Block of the Months that need to be finnished (have finnishing kits). Another BOM that I need to finnish the blocks on, join, quilt that I know who I want to give it to. My Graduation Quilt (what I bought with grad money so I have something to show for it. Right now I have 10 squares, 2 patterned squares and a finnishing kit). I'm going to start small though and try to get a couple of small wall hangings done for the time being.

And finally I've joined another swap. The Knitting Scavenger Hunt is my first swap of the year. I really enjoyed ISE 5 so I've been looking for another to join. So, you'll be seeing posts for this shortly. If anyone is interested, International Scarf Exchange 6 will be opening in the beginning of February.


Hasbu said...

I love the cute little socks! I've been toying with an idea of knitting themed Xmas tree, but I'm not sure what my family would think of that. I just had an idea of a second tree, maybe upstairs with knitted decorations! That'd be so cute! May I adopt your idea of miniature socks? That's be a great way of using leftover sock yarn.

BSJ is looking good!

Tanya said...

Cute everything! And I really like the BSJ!

KnittingMoose said...

Oh those little socks are too cute! Mind if I ask what pattern you used? I sorta wrote up my own pattern but yours are really cute...they look like they have little bitty short row heels! And I think I recognize some of those yarns from RSC '07, right? :)

The little sweaters are looking great!