Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

So, the knitting is going really well. I have just one knitting project left to complete and than the scrapbook (can you see this scrapbook being a down to the wire thing....)

Anyways, I finished my nephews socks last night and am trying to work on Lissa's cowl when she's not around so its an actual surprise. So I'm feeling great! Its only Dec 3 and I have just about completed the "Christmas Knitting".

So what does any over achiever do when the end of the deadline projects are in-sight? YES you are right. I added another project.

Pair of men's socks. Worsted weight, 100% Alpaca on size 6 needles. Waiting on the exact size, around a 10 if memory serves.

Just call me Glutton

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Anonymous said...

You're early! I still have loads to knit before Christmas---