Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looking up :)

So who has signed up for 2009 Socks That Rock?

I have tossed around signing up. Was looking forward to the date (Dec 15). Was concerned about enough space etc. Monday came and I remembered as I was climbing into bed (0400). Thought about it again crawling in bed the second time (1000) and pondered it a third time late in the afternoon (1600).

I love STR - love the patterns, yarn, excitment of surprise packages. However, I only found time to knit only one kit last year (January -- though I did knit it twice.) I still have kits left from 07 (2 I think) that I never got around to -- and than 5 from 08. That makes 7 kits. Than there is that "Swell Yarn" kit, the Kintpicks kit (last year presant) and the several skeins I've just thought were "too pretty" not to come home.

What with full-time work and knitting samples for my LYS, there are just so many knitting hours. So though it is with a heavy heart, I figure I can get a lot of yarn for $230 and there are so many free patterns that if I finnish them I could than find probably something I like to purchase.

So while I am sure I will regret this at some point in the year... I have bowed out.

In other news....

I bought a new car. (Still doing my part for the economy.)

Its been 16 years since I last purchased a new car. With Lissa getting her license in April I didn't want the only transportation I have in the whole world being the one my brand new driver is using.

Saturn ASTRA -- Pick it up Tuesday.

Merry Christmas & Happy Anniversary to Me :)



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new car!

Leah said...

Yay car! I really like that Astra very much. In fact, I might choose that one for myself. If I wasn't already in debt from too many sock yarn purchases...