Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello All

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All -

I am trying a catch up of sorts - I should be sleeping (note its 1:19 EST) but I am finding more and more that night-time is for being awake and day -- at least mornings-- are for sleeping. Now this isn't bad when I'm working, but in my off days it presents quite a problem i.e, nothings getting done.

I finished all my sewing projects and currently have on three that need completing - 2 knitting and 1 journal thing.

Got the tree up and decorated without a fight or tears. Not sure how much more is really going to get done. I can already see the days winging away.

Work is work - lets move on.

Signed up for International Scarf Exchange 7 waiting to get all the info after January.

Seems like there was so much I wanted to post, but can't remember any more right now. Happy holidays to all and try not to stress out.

:) K


Leah said...

Hi Karrie!!!!

Wow, you actually do sound pretty organized. I'm working on at least ten projects, all of which are in danger of being unfinished for the holidays!

And as for ISE7--I'm really looking forward to it.


Too Little Time said...

Whats pathetic is that I started Christmas in May and several of the purchased yarn for projects is not being done -- just extra yarn. I am going to attempt to curb this next year.

I too am SOOO looking forward to ISE7 - was concerned there wasn't going to be one but I just don't have the time to head it up - :) K