Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the race is on

The "Projects to finish by Christmas" race that is.

Every year I do this to myself.
1. Start the project list (usually in May) when I'm using this as reasons to purchase additional "stuff".
2. Add to list as the year progresses.
3. Revise the list as October begins
4. Add additional projects to the list - as I finish one I add two more
5. Purchase additional "stuff" for added projects.
6. Revise list substituting new project for one "stuff" in May was purchased to make and purchase more.
7. Start to realize "to do" list is longer than current ___ days till Christmas.
8. Stress
9. Revise list again to bare necessities.
10. Pull it out in the end, somewhat.

Currently I am at #7. I have been resisting #6 this year, but we'll see how that goes (I have yarn purchased in May for a felted purse that I'm rethinking a Cowl would be better. Not rethinking the yarn of course.)

I am also trying to resist #4 (2 headbands for nieces... finished mom's Cowl yesterday).

I still have to: Start a purse, Finish slippers, finish hat, finish two pair of PJ pants, make slipper socks or purchase gift for friend, finish "journal/scrapbook".

I think that's it. If I don't add the headbands.

Merry Christmas :)



KnittingMoose said...

Your list is a tad longer than mine! I am marching along on my To Do's though, so I feel pretty good so far. Some are not knitting, so they are a tiny bit less appetizing, heh!

Good luck completing yours!

Leah said...

This is so funny. We're doing "handmade holidays" this year, which is much more difficult, as you know than just buying gifts...ergh.