Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pay It Forward

Back in Oct-ish I signed up with Amy for "Pay It Forward". Earlier this week this wonderful present arrived

Mittlits in a very pretty pink lace. Lace is something I haven't tackled yet (read a little intimidated) and really like.

Thank You Amy!
So, I put it out there. If you would like me to send something to you and you want to pay it forward by sending something on to 3 other people, let me know. You can comment your interest here and than e-mail me at "
In other news, my Tuesday yarn crawl (before the massive snowstorm) was fantastic. Check back for details and pics.


Leah said...

Those are beautiful! Can you give me more details on Pay it Forward? You can email me if you have a chance--it sounds nice.

Leah said...

Oh wait--sorry K--you said to email you--will do!

Danielle said...

Hey thanks for the compliment about my new desk, it's nice to blog from a much better spot :) I haven't started a bsj yet for any baby boys simply because I'm unmotivated (plus they aren't due until end of may and end of june so I have a little bit of time lol ;) P.S. I read down a little bit on your blog to your Thankful Thursday from last week, and I've been feeling emotions like this as well as of late that I'm just not always able to put my finger on either. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the looooong winter season and stress for me, hopefully spring will give me a boost.