Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Days All

Wishing one an all a Happy Thrusday.

The Sun is Shinning
Its 50 degrees outside
The snow is melting
and Spring is looking more promising.

What could be better!

Pictures of new yarn you say... yes I know I promised a detailed yarn crawl account. I'm working on it. In place of pics and knitting I spring cleaned my sons room. That was enough (2 days work) to make me crabby and short on time. But its done so it should all be downhill from here right?

Happy Day All



KnittingMoose said...

Happy Day to you too! It's Friday now, as I write this...yay, TGIF.

Not quite spring yet around here but the tulips are starting to come up...yay!

Leah said...

Hi Karrie! I need to tackle E's room, and I'm soooo scared of it!!!! Good for you that you got it done already...

Yes, spring is in the air...the forsythia's blooming in our neighborhood...

xo Leah

Anonymous said...

AH! Its just around the corner! I was able to Spring clean with the windows open for a little while yesterday. AH!

Danielle said...

Happy spring cleaning :)! Looks like the bug has bitten a lot of people online to spring clean. It's in the air for sure, lol!