Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello All

I apologize for being "away" for so long. Where was I you ask? No place special. Here, doing nothing. I haven't gotten my act together to post and I haven't had anything to write about. The kids have been on spring break the past week (ours was early this year).

I did recently hear from an old friend. Christopher and I have been friends since HS, Sophomore year. We've fallen out of touch the last 8 yrs or so (his wife didn't like me much). Met up with him this past week and boy did he look OLD! - I guess that means that I'm old too, huh. Anyways, it was really nice to reconnect (wife will soon be ancient history).

So that's the skinny. There is still snow on the ground, but the brown grass is starting to show through and I am hopeful that soon, soon we will see the end of white!

Sending WARM spring thoughts

P.S. Other Headline News (that I forgot to mention)

Attended a different church in the area for Easter and was very positive experience - looks like we might have found a new church home.

AND.... There is a new Yarn Store opening very very close. YIPEE - someplace to knit and find other knitters - I am SOOOOO excited!!!


Danielle said...

Everything sounds promising!! Yeah for spring coming our way, we must think warm thoughts I suppose that may bring on the warmer weather--I hope ;)

Leah said...

It's so interesting to see an old friend like that, isn't it? I recently met up with an old boyfriend from college at a friend's wedding, and I too was absolutely shocked to see that he no longer looked 18!! Where was his thick red hair? Wow, was it startling.



Anonymous said...

Yay new yarn store!
Hope your weekend is going well. We finally got water back this afternoon. Funny thing is, I'm doing laundry instead of showering. I'm beginning to second-guess my sanity. All I need is a good night's sleep!