Monday, December 3, 2007

ISE #5

I received a wonderful surprise today, Thank you Kim! On top of a wonderful surprise, it came before I went to work so I was able to enjoy it and wear it out to meet my GF for lunch (she was very appreciative of the scarf too).

Included with my awesome scarf was a very nice skein of wool yarn..... hummm.... what will it become??? and a tin of tea (my absolute favorite drink for the cold). Looking forward to enjoying a cup tonight at work.

And for those of you who visit me, this is me, repleasant in my new scarf. (Patheticly this is the only clean area of my LR.... but I did get the laundry caught up and presants wrapped this weekend.


Bets said...

Found your blog from the ISE5 KAL, I really liked this scarf! It looks great on you :)
Your cat looks like a stray we are trying to adopt.

Leah said...

That is such a beautiful scarf! I would type more but my fingers are numb from my cold cold, more soon as I warm my hands over some nice dishwashing! It's never seemed so appealing!

Danielle said...

Gifts yeah :)! I like coffee best, but I agree with a nice warm drink this time of year to warm the tummy. Very nice scarf.