Monday, May 28, 2007

Yarn Acquisitions

I have acquired a few more items lately, hoping to actually get them knitted - all socks, although while at the LYS I was tiptoeing down the felted bag path - thinking they'd make nice Christmas presants, but we'll see.....

This piece was picked up off e-bay - kettle dyed blues. Its was nicely wound until the cat (Shadow the yarn theif, look downward to the grey cat) decided he was bored. I'll be winding this shortly.

I happened to catch Duet Sock Yarn just as she posted a bunch of new colors and obtained this "Sterling". Pictures not great (sorry, need to learn the camera). Its Blue Jean with multi blue jean, purple, and cream.

and this....

I forget the name. I had seen something previously with the green and it was out of stock so I grabbed it when I saw the green again.
Finally, I stopped at the campers LYS looking for Malabrigo. (I pulled a list of stores off Malabrigo web site... FYI call the store first. Although listed they did not sell the yarn... Drat if this doesn't mean I'll have to visit a few more stores to find it)
I did however, pick up some purple Merino for a hat for my son for Christmas and the other skein to work the cuffs on a pair of socks for my girlfriend.
Well thats how I spend my Memorial Day weekend. We went camping Sat/Sun (I sat and knitted -- love camping) and Today I'm headed to work (don't be sad - can't pass up the OT-- it pays for the yarn purchases)
Happy Memorial Day All


Anonymous said...

Very nice blues and greens. I haven't bought much but sock yarn recently because I'm so drawn to the colors. Happy Memorial Day, and thanks for the comment on my blog! Other moms are the best at getting what you're talking about when you're worrying about stuff that may or may not happen in 10 or 20 years. I appreciate the support!

Tracy said...

I love love love the blue and green one! If you can't think of anyone to make something out of that for, I'll be glad to be a stand in!

laura said...

That blue green is gorgeous! Sorry to here about the malabrigo try online. I got mine from