Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When I am an old woman...

I hope I...

1. Live to a ripe old age being active in mind and body.
2. Can continue to knit, quilt, and volunteer.
3. Am young enough in mind and spirit to not critizie the "young generation" but rather generate enough respect that one can have a good conversation learning from each other.
4. Am comfortable enought financially to not have to each cat food (I saw this once on TV and the image/idea scares the bejevers out of me).
5. Continue to learn and change with the times (refer to #3 here).
6. Be active in my grandchildrens lives so they have memories to carry with them into their adulthood.

I hope I don't...

1. Outlive my children.
2. End up with no quality of life, laying in a bed in an ECF smucked. Please let me be active till I die.
3. Have a sour outlook on life making everyone around me miserable.
4. Loose my eyesight or manual dexderity (refer to #2).
5. Smell. Working with the public its amazing how many old people smell... BADLEY!
6. Live somewhere where I have no family around me.


laura said...

This was really great Karrie loved it!

Tracy said...

That is a really great one! I had fun doing this one..did you?