Monday, April 2, 2007

Socks on Circs.

UPDATE: 2 socks at a time

I tried to teach myself socks on circulars with little progress and lots of knotted yarn. So I broke down and looked for help. One class in my available time was full. No others were offered. Undaunted, I booked a private lesson.

So, Today I learned socks on circs. Not so bad - I have 1/2 inch of cuff #1 done (yea yea big deal) however, no knoted yarn and progress can be seen. Unfortunatly, I have to work tonight so progress won't be seen tonight either.

However, Most Importantly - I GET IT!! Soon I will be 2 at a timing it!

By-the-by, purchased addi turbo's -- nice -- also Addi Lace Needles - AWESOME!! - Currently using one of each because they are differnt colors and easier to tell if I have the right needle in my hand.

Happy Knitting and Hello to beautiful weather! Karrie

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