Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A little of this, a little of that

Sewing time has been limited latey as I have been on the needles more than anything. However, one project I was working on was this "Belle" dress for Sophie. I'm hoping all the fuff will make her smile. The headband also has tulle attached to flow down her back.

A friend of mine posted some wonderful bags she picked up, great for holding sock projects. I mentioned my just passed obsession with Longaberger Totes (pictured left). A very nice co-worker gifted me with the blk courderoy with tan/blk check handles. This led to a frenzey of purchases off e-bay. As they began to arrive I explained to my DH that I spend less buying these off e-bay than I would have if I had driven down to Longaberger (gas $$), bought bags ($$), bought lunch ($$) and stopped at a yarn/quilt store in town ($$). So all in all I saved him money. He loves the way I tell him I'm saving money while I'm spending it ;o)

Took a "field trip" with the DH last week. He had some work to do in Toledo, so I tagged along - great excuse to knit down and back. Also convinced him to stop at a Toledo LYS that I wouldn't normally get to. He even enjoyed himself. Brought home those pictured. The Brown/Blue are Lorna's Laces "Jeans" for the DH, blue/purple are for me and the blk/multi for my daughter. Blk/multi are bamboo which is my first foray into this fiber. Also picked up the red/blk below for my son. As he is the only one without socks, his are first.

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