Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now that I don't have to

I find that I don't have much to say. Does that make sense.

30/30 forced me to post which turned into some days just chatting about what was going on in life.

Truth be told -- not much happens in my life. I'm a mom. I work. Life happens. I spend money. Hence, why I work.

Newest thing in today's world? I started looking at new cars (remember the spending money part). Lissa turns 16 in April and sometime between now and than I have to purchase an additional car. I do not want to be forced into purchasing the first thing I see at whatever the current price is. Sooooo I am shopping to see what I want and to know when its a good price or good deal (come back 0% financing!).

So far the "Cobalt" is in the lead -- but that's only 2 dealerships and 4 cars.

:) Karrie


Rachel said...

Good luck car shopping! With a 16 year old driving, I'd recommend the tank. Not gas efficient, but safer, lol!

Too Little Time said...

That's not a bad idea - closest I can get to a tank is a Windstar. At first she "didn't want to drive a mini-van" now she likes the bigness of it. :) K

Danielle said...

Oh I do not look forward to the days when my two boys get old enough to drive! It will be one right after the other since they are 17 mos. apart in age. My daughter thankfully is 7 years behind them!

BTW, you were wondering about my background. Go to The Cutest Blog on the Block dot com and check it out. They have some seriously cute FREE backgrounds there. The best part is they totally explain how to do the entire thing. (and it's so easy peasy!!)

Leah said...

Hi K! I'm still driving an ancient Grand Marquis with a gazillion miles on it...the gas mileage isn't as bad as you'd think, though And it sure is like a tank. Imagine a 16-year-old driving a Town Car!!!


Anonymous said...

Danielle - I briefly popped over to the site and it does look like even a no-brainer like me could accomplish - will look further when I have a few minutes to play.

There are some steps in your childs life that you are completely ready for .... driving most definately is NOT one of them!!

Leah - yes a town car would be a great tank. Sitting on the passenger side though I constantly feel like shes driving on the shoulder. I wish we had more public transportation (PT) that was convenient. I would really like to live somewhere where I could take advantage of some - i.e., Chicago, DC, NY... even when we lived in NY I didn't often have a chance or reason to use PT as we lived and worked on the Island.

Anonymous said...

We're looking at the little tiny Honda Fit for a commuter car. But, we're saving the Nissan Frontier truck for the boys to fight over in 11 years. Nothing automatic, air bags--what else could they want? I learned on an Olds Cutlass Supreme Brohm from 1980 (I think) when I was 18 (yeah, Mom & Dad made me wait that long). It was huge, ugly, gas and oil guzzling, and had been totaled by my older brother before I got possession of it. Good luck shopping!