Friday, July 18, 2008

The memories of yesteryear

Thank you all for your comments! I love the fact that we seem to all go back to different cars in our past. The memories that a simple comment can evoke.

My first vehicle was a soft top jeep CJ-5. The thing rusted out beneath me (literally!) First the window wiper box rusted off the windshield and I manually had to move the box back and forth to make the wipers work. When dad eventually found out he replaced the windshield.

Than the area around the ashtray rusted (dad smoked) and one morning I turned the corner and got dirty wet ashtray of water slopped onto my wool knee socks (private school uniforms) and walked around disgusted by the ick that was my sock.

Than the floorboard under my feet rusted away. I was careful where I stepped to get into the vehicle so I didn't step through it.

Why did I put up with all this? Cause wheels I didn't have to pay for and were available completely to me wasn't to be sneered at. Without them I might have been grounded to the house, have to buy my own or worse yet await my parents!

Happy Memories :)


Rachel said...

I think everyone needs to start out with a clunker just to have stories to tell, lol!

Danielle said...

I loved my first little car! It was a cute little white Chevy Cavalier that was my parents. They handed her down to me. I learned to drive in that car, and I used it until I got married and then I gave it back to my parents.

It wasn't perfect, it was a bit rusty in spots the interior was old and the cruise control never worked, no air conditioning and electric locks etc--but we all seem to love our first cars!

I'm with you too, I didn't have to pay for the car itself. And without it I would've been grounded to home! I did pay for my own gas and insurance, I remember even having to buy a new battery for that car. Ah memories....