Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, I finally broke down, ordered the mulch and 3 1/2 hours later -- ta da... no grass. Yes I know a pic would be nice but that will have to come, as its dark and I haven't found the camera yet. Of course, it would have to be 93 degree today.

I am back to work tomorrow. Promise I will have pics soon.

Finished the BSJ (except stitching and buttons, but done enough to be off the needles... will worry about finishing when I have a baby to give it to).

Finished Lissa's socks. Raven by BMFA, October 2007.

Continuing on the "Vintage, wanted to get a few things finished so they've been resting.

That's about all. Back to work for 3 and than off for a spell. Our community Art/Street Fair is this weekend and than its off to the camper for some relaxation.

Chat soon


Danielle said...

I popped over to Rachel's blog for a visit, and I saw the most beautiful booties someone very generous and kind made for her ;) (not to mention talented!)

Hope the next three work days speed by and your time off comes quick!

Danielle said...
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