Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday (a little late)

Sorry I didn't do my Thankful Thursday on-time and I'm going to break a few "rules" here... don't report me.....

Last year early Dec I had a "friend Tim" who fell down a flight of stairs and completely lost all memory. He didn't know who he was or even his mom. I saw his mom at Christmas and sadly, "Tim" still couldn't remember anything.

I ran into mom Thursday night and God be Praised, "Tim" was listening to music in July when all of a sudden the song brought all his memory back!

This is my Thankful Thursday, the people and things that touch our lives.

Love to all - will be back next Thursday .... Karrie


Anonymous said...

I think we have a lot in common Karrie! Yesterday I was feeling thankful for my kids, at a moment when they were being very unruly. I just stopped myself from getting upset by being thankful I had them. Period. Can't imagine being without the people I love!

Thanks so much for the little gift we got early this week. The boys are sharing the stickers, and somehow you knew I needed a new tape measure!
Fondly, Tricia

Tracy said...

That really is something to be thankful for! Tell your friend Congrats for me!