Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas Anxiety

As I review my list of "too dos" for Christmas, the heart starts to speed up and I become SOB..... classic signs of an anxiety attack. So I am going to take a page from my blog buddy Tanya at Casting Away and make a virtual To Do list for Christmas. Hopefully this will reduce the symptoms and increase the productivity.

  • Socks for DH
  • Socks for BFF in New York (note the earlier due date for shipping)
  • Socks for DD in Oct STR shipment
  • Mittens for niece
  • Hat for Son
  • Hat and mittens for DD (OK, yarn was bought specifically for this purpose in July, might have to choose which project will be done after Christmas).
  • 2 sets of 12 wash clothes for in-laws (almost done)
  • Quilt for b-day Dec 29 (no the blocks are not finished yet and yes I'm quilting it myself)
  • 10 Chair cushions. Have to make a pattern, try on muslin for fit, make 10 cushions with non-skid bottoms. Commissioned work.

Not so bad, except that I'm working 2 jobs the equivalent to basically full time.

Oh my chest hurts.

I'm closing now, I'm going to finish wash cloths and hopefully cross that off my list.


Danielle said...

Oh please be easy on yourself :)Give yourself the gift of patience with yourself (if that makes sense lol)! I have fallen into this hole so many times myself, but in the end it all works out somehow :) My problem is just getting motivated to do the christmas knitting anymore--it seems like I've been there done that LOL ;)

KnittingMoose said...

Hi! Just popped over here from the comment you left me.

I love lists...and picking the quickest thing to finish so that you can cross something off your list is probably a good place to start! Good luck!

And thanks for stopping by.

Amy said...

Good luck with the list! Just take it easy, and realize that you do not want to be up Christmas Eve knitting until 5am!

I cut my list back by soo much, but the few projects I'm working on will be worth it.

Tanya said...


You should under promise and over deliver...tell everyone that there is absolutely no way that you can do handknit this year and then surprise a few.

Good luck and we are cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

've been looking all day for Thankful Thursdays!

I hosted a Bunco party tonight, and am now thankful it's over (lots of work cooking for 12!), and thankful for a husband who will pitch in and take care of the kids when I have girlfriends over, and then help with the dishes afterward. Also, I'm thankful for my friends here and abroad. Hope things are going well!

Tracy said...

I'm not trying to add to your stress or anything here but I did notice that you forgot to put my knitted gift on your list. I just thought I would bring it to your
This is exactly why I don't make Christmas lists. Look how stressed out you are. The good news is that you do work in a hospital, what with you chest pains and all.
Take it easy on yourself. Christmas is supposed to be a merry time.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Good for you!
I have no list yet!

I used the kids; fundraiser flyers to start my shopping though...I guess that makes me active in starting the madness!