Friday, June 15, 2007

Projects Completed

Two postings in one day - I just can't stand myself. ANYWAYS.......

As I've posted earlier, my mom and I are working on my house/yard. I am attempting in phases to remove as much grass as possible cause there is just too much to mow. So little by little were changing things. The center area with stump will eventually be filled with Vinca Vine. In the mulch filled areas I am going to plant spots like random poka dots that will be filled with different flowering plants so I have some color all summer long.

Where the black circle is (old trampoline) I am going to attempt an arbor of sorts, but that might be next year, we'll see. Still this year I want to continue past the air conditioner to the edge of the patio and around the corner there. My DH requested that I leave a way for him to mow from one area (that you can't see) to the other... hence the grassy section to the right of the picture. I'm hoping as things go along though he'll let me fill that in too.
In inside news, this picture came out a little bright, but that's the blue that I painted last winter and the bead-board wallpaper we put up this past week. Big difference. Clean, brighter and updated. Something that I can live with until we do a major kitchen remodel which I know needs to be done but am working on the where-with-all to accomplish said project.

Anyways, doesn't look like much but were talking several hours of combined sweat here - especially as its been 80 to 90 since middle of May.


Tracy said...

You've been working hard! I love doing landscaping outside. It's funny because if I have a plant inside, it's dead in a month tops. Even cactus don't make it here and you don't even have to water them that much! But give me a perennial and I'm kicking butt! Good job! Your yard looks pretty!
I like that wallpaper too! It looks like real bead board! And I like the blue!
Good work.

Anonymous said...

Your inside and outside projects all look great! It looks like you've been working in the yard as much as I have. It's scaring me a bit, because we haven't had measurable rain in 3 to 4 weeks here. Everything passes us bye. Thanks for the rain dance! I actually was poking online to see if there was a movie of one I could recreate with the kids. No luck. I'll have to make it up. I'm in agreement with you though, the less grass the better. All my grass is really weeds--but pretty ones. We've got clover, yarrow, buttercups, violets, daisies, and others. Mixed in with the crabgrass.

Anonymous said...

I stopped checking the blog very often too, mainly because I got tired of reading posts where people were sniping at each other. Now I just check it once in a while, to see if there's an announcement or a contest--not that I'm witty enough to win a word contest! I don't have the time to think enough to be witty.