Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Pooh

Pooh, in this case, is my baby brother, who turns 39 May 27th.

Wanted to add a quick note as I realize that I have been very absent the last 6 weeks or so, about the time I went full-time I believe.

Remember the commercial of the women who sang "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never never let you forget your a man". She should be shot!

While I can fulfill all those roles, what a bag of crap. Yes I make as much as DH. And geeze thank you that I can than come home and do the grocery shopping, preparation, cleaning, mommy-ing, carting around to all the activities. And when that's all done, like I am awake enough for anything else!!!!!!

OK, enough ranting. Yes, I have a wee too much on my plate. Guess I could use a vacation.

OH WAIT! I'm heading out on VACATION!

Yes, it is about time for my long awaited Quilting Vacation Weekend with my GF. I am desperately in need and greatly looking forward. Am I packed, you asked. Um, no. I still have 2 days.

Actually I have been finishing up some embroidery projects for a friend along with working. One more 12 hour shift. I hope its a good one.

In knitting news.... I finished my scarf for ISE6 - no I didn't get pictures. Its hard enough getting a post done. I used alpaca in pinks and modified January's STR pattern to make a lace repeat. Turned out nice, hope my pal likes it.

Been working on some baby items - "One Skein" Baby Bolero. Really like the pattern - am finishing up my 3rd one.

Started my November 07 STR socks for Lissa. So far going well. Will be taking them to NY with me. Hummmmm that might not be the best idea. If they tell me I cannot bring my knitting on the plane, than I would have to abandon them. I'll have to rethink plane knitting..........

Other than that, we opened the camper early May and have been spending most weekends there. Enjoying the change.

Take care all - will check in when I'm back from NY

Happy Memorial Day -


Hasbu said...

Have a great vacation!

If it wasn't my DH, I wouldn't have any knitting time. He does his fare share of housework, for which I'm ever so grateful!

Rachel said...

Have a lovely vacation!

Danielle said...

Hope your vacation is wonderful :)

Leah said...

Have fun, Karrie! Your post made me laugh AND shake my head sympathetically...



--elf-- said...

I hope you have a restful and relaxing vacation!