Sunday, May 4, 2008

Checking in

I'm still here - life is spiraling out of control.

I seem unable to catch my breath, get caught up, or tell you what is next on my ever expanding list.

If you have found a way to freeze frame life please share the secret.

Until then, I have to retie my running shoes and catch up.


Project Update

While life might be out of control - My knitting continues - have finished (except felting) a purse for my BF, will post pic when felted. I'm trying to get all the knitting done so I can felt a bunch of stuff at one time.

Am currently finding off a pair of plain socks using the "needle bind-off" method - OH MY HEAVENS what a great bind off! Stretchy and easy -- a definite wonderful addition sure to appear on many future items!


Danielle said...

Sometimes life sure does get ahead of us all doesn't it! Sounds like you're handling it with grace though :) Finishing up all your knitting to be felted at once sounds like a good plan to me. Happy felting!

Leah said...

How are you doing Miss K? Hope everything's going okay for you...

Life is a bit too busy, eh? I'm sure that's an understatement--

thinking of you--


Hasbu said...

How are you doing?

I'm sorry that I haven't commented lately, things have been insanely busy around here. I hope all is well with you!