Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some Suggestions Needed

I have all these leftover bits of yarn from various projects (especially the sock variety) and I don't know what to do with them.

Danielle has made some very cute cupcakes, but then I would have to store them - not happening.

And I realize that I could combine the sock yarn with regular worsted weight and knit the two along together, but the sock yarn seems to get lost and doesn't show.

I also realize I could make patterned socks of different yarns -- but.... not excited.

So, any suggestions - yes I realize I'm being picky. However, many minds are better than one.


Leah said...

I forget, Karrie, do you crochet? If so, I use my scraps for granny squares and ripple afghans, which sound dowdy but can actually be pretty if you use enough of a color variety.

Anyway, I suggest some sort of piecework blanket--whether knit or crochet--something where the individual pieces are portable, and you can use a ton of different colors.

Rachel said...

Do you know any teeny feet? I just use the left overs for my babies' socks.

Too Little Time said...

Thank you both = great suggestions - Heavier weight would be great and I've been meaning to try a ripple. Leftover sock would work for baby socks and would store well for gifts or very way in the future grandbabies. See, I just needed extra minds. =) K

Danielle said...

Great suggestions both, left over yarns make me feel guilty!