Monday, September 24, 2007

A little of my own medicine.

Yes your right Tracy, I have not posted. To me there has been nothing in my life interesting enough to post. But this is the update.....

I have been flopping back and forth between nights and days (work wise). I am moving to midnights (yippee) at the hospital... but I still had a few afternoon shifts to complete. And I have a 2nd job with a newly forming Home Health Agency, where they want me to work 1 day a week -- days -- as in mornings (YUCK). So I end up with days where I have only 3 hours sleep. This equates to very little of anything getting done on the no sleep days.

I feel like I do nothing while at home but run a teenager here or there. I'm rushing so much I'm terrified I'm going to have an accident. Yes I know I just need to slow down but there are days where this is easier said than done.

Friday, I hosted the "pit party" after the game. Yes, I am the cool mom. Actually wasn't all that bad - told her she could have people over till 12 and than I would do drop offs. Ended up with about 13 kids over and 7 to drop off. $5 pizza and some soda. All in all a good evening.

So tonight I switch back to midnights for 2 and than back to days. We'll see about this HHC agency thing - I have my doubts, especially since its the only thing I flip back to days for, I have to be out of the house by 8 and although the $$ is helpful, if I'm losing my mind it doesn't pay for itself.

In Knitting News - I have my ISE5 person and am anxious to start my scarf. Hoping to get the yarn this week. I have finished my GFs socks and cast on 2 new pair. Yes I still own everyone pics, my DH has the camera since my DD broke the one I use to use.

Thanks to Tracy (again) I followed one of her commenter's back to her blog (CPA knits) and through her found a blogroll for "Nurses That Knit" which I have joined - very exciting stuff -- at least for someone with little life of their own (me).

That's the skinny all - catch you soon...... hopefully in one of my coherent states



Leah said...

Oh. My. Gosh. K, you are one busy lady. My husband is a cop, and so I know about these freaky schedules all too well. It can really play havoc with one's sense of sanity! Sounds like the knitting part will be a bit of a break eventually--I got my ISE5 matchup too and am very excited. Too bad my hubby won't take up knitting. I did teach him to crochet (he made himself a blanket in Miami Dolphins colors!) but hasn't touched the hobby since...go figure...

Hang in there!

Tracy said...

I'm exhausted from just reading about what all you do. Is this what I have to look forward to when my kids become teenagers? I remember the pit parties. I used to have so much fun. I'm glad to hear that you got to be the cool mom.
Make sure that you take care of yourself on top of all that you do!