Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blog Surfing

So I'm surfing through all the blogs that I check in on and no-one has posted. Granted its not like I have "That" many, but one would think that someone would have posted for me to comment on/chat with. No one. Nothing. But than again I haven't either.


I have joined the International Scarf Exchange #5 - am very excited as this is my first exchange ever. Tried to get that button thingy on my sidebar... but no luck. Now, all I have is tools next to all the other ones. I wish I could find an adult ed class that was about fixing your blogger. But I digress.

ISE 5 - Thank you Leah for turning me on - I will get a person to gift with said scarf here in the next few weeks. Have found a pretty cool "play" scarf pattern. Have to start gathering cool stuff to include in my box.

Received my first installment in the Lucky Lurker Sock Club - very pretty!!! I finished my August STR, will post pics next week. Have just the decreases to do in my GF's socks and they'll be done, am finishing up a scarf that has laid around since last spring when I got tired to working on them and I'm going to hopefully cast on a new one for a hostess gift I need for tomorrow (they're quick). So.... my size 1's and 2's will both soon be empty and than hopefully full again with Lucky's and the STR June that I'm behind on.

That's about the skinny here - were off to the camper this weekend. Hopefully when I get back (a) someone will have visited, (b) my blogger friends will have posted, (c) I'll have many finished and started projects to display - Happy Saturday all! K


Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday to you too! Sounds like you've been busy. Can't wait to see your FO's!

Tracy said...

I'm excited about seeing your pics too! Oh, were you saying that you needed someone to give a scarf as a gift to? I will volunteer myself happily..haha..hint hint...Duchess will tell you that I am shameless when it comes to this!

Tracy said...

Hey, Speaking of no one has posted, where in the holy heck have you been missy? I keep coming over here for a visit and you're no where to be found.
The Duchess said to tell you Hi and that she misses you too. She's hoping to get her high speed up and running pretty soon and she'll be back with us. That will be a great day!
Talk to you soon.