Friday, August 24, 2007

New STR in the house

I've decided that since June's shipment hasn't been knit yet and I'm already behind with it I will move on to Aug shipment and than catch up.

So, to that end, I have wound the yarn into two balls and will commence with "Love Lace". Have to admit that at the moment how one gets from two cuffs to socks is a little confusing but hopefully by the time I get there it will be clearer and others will be there to to lead the way.

On other fronts, its 86 degrees, muggy and forecasting thunder showers (again) and were off to a the first football game of the season. Lissa is sick, can hardly talk and is fortified with Motrin and Darvocet to try and make it through tonight.

Happy knitting all.

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Tanya said...

Why not move on?!? I would have had I not finished barely days ago. Don't you love this new one? I really want to cast on, but...ah, who am I kidding! I will probably cast on tonight! No self-discipline here!
Have fun at the game (if it happens) and healing thoughts to Lissa!