Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.....

Vacation is finished here - Disney, wonderful trip... few speed bumps. Of course what would a family vacation be without them.

Birthday has passed, enjoyable other than I am another year older. As a state of mind I feel about .... 38.

Gearing up for band camp. 3 weeks from now I will sit in my lounge chair, enjoying the sunshine, music from the band and hoping all "emergencies" are minor in nature.

Cast on for a pair of socks. First ones since January and it was probably a year prior the last pair. Really lost my knitting drive. This is nice though. Something I can pick up and just knit on. Mindless. Enjoying the continued repeat of ribbing.

My daughter is maturing by fathoms this summer. Am discovering a new relationship with her and though I see her less we are closer than before.

Joshua too is enjoying these quiet lazy days. Just a few more weeks though.....

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